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BMW reckon the 1 Series has done more than any other new model to attract new drivers into a Beemer.
The world's most popular Beemer has seen a multitude of facelifts since it was conceived in the early Seventies.
Beemer says his sandwich shop is making it, but times are definitely lean.
We've been doing OK, but I have nothing to compare it to," says Beemer, who delivered for Williams Bread and then worked in the commercial laundry business over the past 20 years.
Now, if an employee brings in someone who's hired, that employee gets the Beemer for three months, said marketing VP Stephen Baker.
Westchester Beemers has a number of personal connections with MS, from parents to spouses.
Beginning this Thursday, there will be a weekly karaoke event at Beemers Pub with a cash prize given each evening to the singer with the highest decibel meter score.
With the arrival of the sixth version of the top-notch Beemer, it's no surprise that it's as desireable as ever, but with more.
The transition is superb, making the Beemer even more of a luxury motorway express than ever.
Personally, I think the 1 Series is ideal for a BMW-loving individual or couple without children, who want the driving dynamics and kudos of owning a Beemer without the need to mortgage their souls to get one.
We bake our bread fresh from scratch every day," Beemer says.