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Bees moving in the swarm tend to be less aggressive as there are no immatures (brood) to tend to or food to protect; however, because these bees are protecting the queen, any perceived threat may trigger an alarm pheromone resulting in bee stings to anything nearby.
Acute polyradiculoneuropathy following honey bee sting.
A 60 year old female with no previous history of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease presented with multiple bee stings in her village 20 hours before admission.
The parents of a child with a known sensitivity to bee stings, in particular, will know to head to the emergency department right away, especially after self-administration of epinephrine by an autoinjector.
As an important antecedent, the patient related having had a bee sting to the left eye 6 months before presentation.
D theses are conducted on bee stings, while Israel has the biggest bee sting clinic in the world.
Thus, although the data collected for this study is strictly referred to as Hymenoptera stings, it is known to correspond mainly to bee stings.
A bee sting triggers the release of histamine (HIS-tuh-meen).
HARDWICK - The widow of a local farmer said she cannot believe that a tiny bee sting claimed the life of her healthy, strong husband.
So, all parents should be aware of bee sting reactions and what to do if their child is stung.
Currently, many patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) undergo bee sting therapy and report significant improvements in their symptoms.
This research aimed at reporting on the therapeutic uses of bee sting and bee honey in two honey centers in the Sudan.