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Bedroom Community

A primarily residential town where most residents commute to work in a larger city. For example, many industrial workers may live in a small town outside the city in which the factory is located; they must either drive or take public transportation to go to work each day. Bedroom communities generally have little economy of their own beyond retail shops for use by residents. They are often, but not always, suburbs.

bedroom community

An area consisting primarily of commuter residences and small local establishments—grocery,laundry,limited dining,and other similar businesses catering to residents—but no large employers.Also called a dormitory town.

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City real estate boom hits nearby town: Bedroom communities prove attractive.
While Gilroy has about 35,000 residents compared with a population of 25,000 in Moorpark, both were agricultural areas that became bedroom communities to metropolitan areas, San Jose and Los Angeles, respectively.
From the bedroom communities to the embattled beaches, the movies have lampooned, satirized and sent up the Valley - reveling in its abundance and exposing its absurdities.