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f PAUL BLACKWELL SAYSA : "Our beautiful language, lad.
Frank L Appleyard, of Shepley, wrote in response: "I read recently of your love for our beautiful language but I draw attention to people who treat it so badly and misuse it.
Outside the workplace, Britons are apparently most likely to encounter this gross misuse of the most beautiful language on earth on television, often when viewing programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragons' Den.
Maha noted that music has a beautiful language with a great impact on the soul.
His topics include the call of Mori Rinori to replace Japanese, the linguistic assimilation of Ryukuyuans and Ainu, the most beautiful language in the world, and language ideology as a self-fulfilling prophecy.
When all those elements come together, the result is a beautiful language that elicits a powerful response, with a vocabulary of steps that is its own iambic pentameter, verse or prose-and each dancer a different accent.
While we were working, the atmosphere was so filled with joy and laughter that despite not sharing many words, we all spoke the same beautiful language - the language of art," he said.
Her exploration of the strength of the human spirit and her portrayal of a society undergoing great change make this a book better suited to mature readers who can grasp the beautiful language and get to grips with the many characters.
While lots of people are focusing on the newest and most graphic books, I am looking back to my childhood and the childhood of my children and the beautiful language of WORDS
Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Pendergast, a member of the committee Vox clara, appointed by the Holy See to advise on the translation, said that "my hope is that the new translation will help us recover a sense of the majesty and awe of the Roman rite and of the importance of beautiful language to praise, glorify and petition God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I sincerely present my love and respect to brothers and sisters and teachers who teach this beautiful language .
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