bear trap

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Bear trap

The predicament facing short sellers when a bear market reverses its trend and becomes bullish. The assets continue to sell in anticipation of further declines in price, and short sellers then are forced to cover at higher prices.

Bear Trap

An indication that a security's increasing price has reversed itself, causing some investors to sell it. Unfortunately, the reversal is short-lived or non-existent, and the security continues to increase. Investors who have sold after a bear trap often have a difficult time buying back their securities because they cannot find sellers. See also: Bull trap, Bull market.

bear trap

An accumulation of shares being sold short by bears trying to drive down the price of a stock. The bear trap occurs when the bears find they must repurchase the shares from an individual or a group at an artificial price determined by the seller.
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Our future Mayor won't be able to point out the bear traps that government faces in seeking to turn the tide of 40 years of managed decline and try to build a dynamic and competitive knowledge economy in the North East of England.
MAUL TO PLAY FOR Gers board must plan their next step carefully in feud with Mike Ashley or else they'll be locked in the bear trap
As the final phase of Helena Sand and Gravel's contract, Bear Trap Creek will be returned to flow down its historic path in the bottom of the drainage, Haaland said.
Bait hunting is just an advanced form of trapping in which the hunter becomes the steel jaws of the bear trap.
maintenance garage and offices of the Bear Trap Ley Creek Drainage District.
The blemish came on the par-three 15th, the start of the run of holes known as the Bear Trap, where Westwood missed the green to the left, the paper added.
It's the risk of getting a limb caught in a bear trap such as the one that snapped shut on the Oregon Democrat after he reached across the aisle to cooperate on a Medicare reform plan with Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican who is GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's choice for a running mate.
Events build to a startling violent conclusion - it's literally gripping, when we see the damage a bear trap can inflict.
As soon as I placed the piece of metal on the sanding disk, my hand was caught in what felt like a bear trap.
However Villegas, nicknamed Spider-Man for the elastic-like flexibility he displays lining up putts, nearly lost his grip on the lead with three bogeys on the tougher back nine, including the 15th - the opener to the three hole Bear Trap series.
In the Arctic, just a thirty-minute Ski-Doo ride from Grise Fiord, I explored a thousand-year-old polar bear trap.
s record holders including the largest bear trap (32 feet wide, in Chassel), the longest lock (Poe Lock at 1,200 feet), and most spacious putting green (29,000 square feet, 9th hole at the Northern Michigan University golf course).