Basic Rate

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Basic Rate

1. See: Manual Rate.

2. See: Rate of Return.

3. See: Basic Rate of Income Tax.

4. The price for a periodical. Newspapers and magazines have separate basic rates for single issues and for subscriptions. It is more commonly called the basic price.
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For seniors, the basic rate will go from $13.64 to $14.60; and for expanded basic, from $19.04 to $20.38.
"Increases in line with basic rates of pay across the economy will help to achieve this objective and ensure that future increases in the NMW reflect the economic circumstances of the time."
That would take the total to pounds 7bn - the equivalent of 3p on the basic rate of income tax.
It followed the announcement that Nationwide, the UK's biggest building society, were cutting their basic rate to 6.49 per cent.
Both the request for certification, and complaints regardiol non- basic rates are to be filed on official FCC forms which will be availabl, soon, pendiol approval by the
Those who staff the likes of telephone helplines, for example, enjoyed a higher average basic rate of pounds 5.45 an hour but usually have no potential for topping up their earnings beyond that.
The Recruitment Company found the range of team leader salaries varied from pounds 12,000 a year to almost pounds 19,000 - with an average basic rate of pounds 14,318.
Local franchising authorities will have to be certified to regulate basic rates before such rates can be reduced.
* franchising authorities may begin filing for certification to regulate basic rates 30 days after publication of the FCC Report and Order in the Federal Register.
This is the first case to examine the scope of local authority to regulate basic rates under the Cable Act.
The Court refused to deregulate expanded basic rates, and scheduled a trial to determine whether expanded basic rates are basic service rates, and therefore subject to regulation.
KT priced  the 32-gigabyte iPhone 3GS at 369,000 won  ($317) for customers subscribing to monthly plans based on the basic rate of 45,000 won ($38).

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