Basic Rate

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Basic Rate

1. See: Manual Rate.

2. See: Rate of Return.

3. See: Basic Rate of Income Tax.

4. The price for a periodical. Newspapers and magazines have separate basic rates for single issues and for subscriptions. It is more commonly called the basic price.
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He added: "The last thing the SNP were going to do was put up taxes for those on the basic rate and yet, if all the press speculation is to be believed, that is exactly what they are considering for the budget.
The result is that basic rate tax at 20% is now due on PS500 of their interest which amounts to PS100.
Yet, the Treasury research suggested that if the basic rate of tax was increased from 20% to 28 %, this would rise to [pounds sterling]3,523 a year - an increase of just over [pounds sterling]1,000.
During the last year the number of accounts which beat inflation for basic rate taxpayers has dropped successively from 57 to nil, leaving many wondering why they save at all.
The number of basic rate taxpayers is also predicted to increase this year, by 8.
The warning was issued by Birmingham accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young, who said: "Special rules allow basic rate taxpayers to avoid a large tax bill for a one-off gain, such as on a life assurance policy, that has taken them years to accumulate.
5 yen basic rate for local calls for its new nationwide local-call business, is expected to trigger another round of competitive rate cutting ahead of the launch of the automatic call transfer service ''Myline'' in May.
5p on the basic rate and in 30 years between 8p and 9p.
In August 1981, the rate structure was revised to charge the basic discount rate for the first 60 days of extended credit borrowing, the basic discount rate plus 1 percentage point for the next 90 days of borrowing, and the basic rate plus 2 percentage points for borrowing beyond 150 days.
franchising authorities may order rate refunds if it is determined that a basic rate is not reasonable; the FCC may order refunds if the rate for a "cable programming service" tier is unreasonable.
9 percent on the previous average basic rate of P33.

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