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In terms of manufacturing, the data estimated the quarterly GVA at basic prices for Q2 of 2017-18 from 'manufacturing' sector grew by 7.0 percent as compared to growth of 7.7 percent in Q2 of 2016-17.
For the period October to December 2006, urban basic prices were about 1.5 per cent higher than Phnom Penh prices, i.e., effectively almost the same, using the expenditure required to purchase the goods comprising the index as the comparative measure; the urban basic consumer price index was 101.46.
All that will happen is that the companies involved will put up the basic prices of their services and goods.
The final output at basic prices of agriculture went up by 13.5% or BGN 8441 M, compared with a year ago.
Real agricultural income fell by 3.5% in the EU in 2008 - after increasing by 9.3% in 2007 - while the value of agricultural output at basic prices rose by 3.9%, according to estimates published, on 2 April, by Eurostat.
Taxes (including per-segment taxes of USD3.50), additional baggage fees, security fees and airport charges are not included in the basic prices.
Geographical reporting will become optional so publishers are no longer required to establish separate basic prices for each area.
Price increases in the majority of countries were due to an increase in basic prices. The largest increases for households and industrial consumers were recorded in Cyprus (31% and 38%, respectively) and the United Kingdom (14% and 36%, respectively), whereas prices fell by almost 20% in Slovakia.
AT LAST - a sports betting show that is happy to concentrate on the basic prices instead of being obsessed with daft novelties, writes Bruce Millington.
The basic prices of the villas range from $295 to $595 per night, depending on the features, number of bedrooms and the view that you request.
The office said basic prices either rose at a slower rate or fell, except for fuel, light and water which rose 6.8% from 5.8% in August.

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