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Indeed, the two words reflect the basic business strategy for success for the in-store retail health clinic operation.
Our advice is basic business strategy - tell people what they need to be looking out for and what they need to do to minimise the risk, which includes carrying out fortnightly inspections, sealing letter boxes and turning services off.
For example, assumptions of family first and equal empowerment can lead to the development of a co-managing partnership with multiple business units as its basic business strategy while assumptions of family first with a single leader tend to lead to a caretaker whose business strategy is 'more cautious' and 'more liquidity oriented.
Schiffer reiterates the company's confidence in the strength of its basic business strategy for 99 Cents Only.
As I thought to myself how easy it is to go down that road, I appreciated even more the basic business strategy that NEHA has been following and the commitment that we have made to it.
31) quality is a basic business strategy that provides goods and services that completely satisfy both internal and external customers by meeting their explicit and implicit demands.
According to Sam Moore, President and CEO of the company, "The primary purpose of this realignment is to organize our Company's structure with our basic business strategy.
Therefore, as we have recently announced, we have realigned the Company structure with our basic business strategy to develop more products with our established author brands and to begin to identify and build the emerging author brands of the future.
Quarter-to-quarter predictability is currently more difficult than usual, but management remains very confident in the Company's basic business strategy and believes that long-term performance will continue to far surpass the norm.
SMC's mission is to stream the highest quality broadband media in the world, according to Murphy, and its agreement with Telocity supports the SMC basic business strategy.
BSA president Bob Shumaker stated: "BSA International's basic business strategy is to develop strong, long-term relationships with its manufacturers, customers and industry associates.
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