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Anything used for comparison. For example, a company that wishes to determine whether its profits are increasing or decreasing may compare them to a previous year's profits. In this case, the previous year's profits are considered the base line. A baseline is also called a base. See also: Benchmark, Base currency.


East-west lines in the public land survey system, part of the baseline and meridian line components. Each principal meridian has a baseline. Properties in the principal meridian's area are described by their bearing east or west of the meridian and north or south of the baseline.

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Stay cognizant of how the Cost Base and energy code baselines differ, and how priorities will reconcile budget constraints and energy
The baseline for comparing mechanical system options should include the glazing and lighting upgrades.
To identify the most cost-effective window, comparison to the code baseline appears to make sense.
Every product can show significant fluctuations on a weekly basis in the baseline volume without any change in retail pricing.
Baseline volume shows the strength of a brand or category.
4) The multiyear baselines for the mid-1980s tell a story that is not revealed in the actual spending levels, however.
It is very likely that the projection of force contained in the multiyear defense baselines of FY 1983-85 played a role in the collapse of the USSR.
This tool integrates all the functions required to gather, manage and analyze baseline information.
With just a few keystrokes, baseline information can be turned into presentation-quality graphs and reports.
CONTACT: Baseline Risa Chapnick & Ariana Swan Boutique Publicity 818-305-6053 risa@boutiquepublicity.
We make the coolest irrigation controllers on the planet, but they basically look like circuit-breaker boxes," said Jon Peters, Director of Sales at Baseline.
Featuring artwork suitable for a custom chopper, the Baseline X-Series Custom Cabinets feature not-so-subtle motifs in flames & skulls, with an undertone of gothic lettering and the Maltese Cross.