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Should growth in LNG imports and seasonality of demand exceed expectations, demand for storage capacity would also be expected to rise above estimates in the Base Value Case.
* The base value method designates a base value (obtained from a reputable source) for different categories of raised breeding livestock.
Defendant argued that Brainerd could not determine the amount of project enhancement without first having established a base value for the property as of the announcement of the project and that the only way to do that was to make a formal appraisal as of that date.
of new Change in Total Category animals Base Value Change Calves 8 $400 $3,200 Bred Heifers 1 400 400 Cows 0 200 0 Total $3,600 "Transferred out" refers to the number that transferred to the next age group.
The purpose of this assessment is to set a base value to take the property into liquidation via an auction sale.