BARRA's performance analysis

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BARRA's performance analysis (PERFAN)

A method developed by BARRA, a consulting firm in Berkeley, Calif. It is commonly used by institutional investors applying performance attribution analysis to evaluate their money managers' performance.

BARRA's Performance Analysis

A method used to determine how well or poorly a money manager invests the funds entrusted to him/her. Rather than comparing a money manager to others of the same class, BARRA's performance analysis compares money managers to the market and determines whether gains or losses are attributable to systematic factors. Institutional investors commonly use this method when evaluating their employees.
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If plans remain on schedule, BARRA will move in early to mid-December, at which time BARRA's new address will be:
Friends and colleagues say Barra has an unusual mix of skills.
MSCI Barra is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to investment institutions worldwide.
The Information may not be used to verify or correct other data, to create indices, risk models or analytics, or in connection with issuing, offering, sponsoring, managing or marketing any securities, portfolios, financial products or other investment vehicles based on, linked to, tracking or otherwise derived from any MSCI or Barra product or data.
MSCI Barra continues to welcome further feedback from market participants on these preliminary assessments.
NOTE: Barra and Barra TotalRisk are registered trademarks and BarraOne and Barra Aegis System are trademarks of Barra, Inc.
CONTACT: Jennifer Hinchman, Director, Investor Relations of Barra, Inc.
GENEVA -- On November 11, 2008 , MSCI Barra (NYSE: MXB), a leading provider of investment decision support tools worldwide, including indices and portfolio risk and performance analytics, will announce the results of the November 2008 Semi-Annual Index Review for the MSCI Global Investable Market Indices, the MSCI Global Standard Indices, the MSCI Global Small Cap Indices, the MSCI Global Value and Growth Indices, the MSCI Frontier Markets Indices, the MSCI High Dividend Yield Indices, the MSCI Pan-Euro and MSCI Euro Indices, the MSCI Asia APEX 50 Index, the MSCI KOKUNAI Japan Equity Indices, the MSCI Global Islamic Indices, the MSCI US Equity Indices, the MSCI US REIT Index as well as the MSCI China A and MSCI China A Value and Growth Index.
Commissioned by Barra and conducted by Greenwich Associates, the 2004 Barra CIO Survey of European- and North American-based CIOs found that 90 percent of those surveyed expected assets under management to increase over the next 12 months -- primarily from market appreciation and new client mandates.
NEW YORK -- MSCI Barra (NYSE: MXB), a leading provider of investment decision support tools worldwide, including indices and portfolio risk and performance analytics, announced today the introduction of its next generation Barra Global Equity Model (GEM2).
Leveraging the power of the Barra Integrated Model(TM), BarraOne is ideal for portfolio managers, risk managers and plan sponsors, providing an intuitive, consistent analysis for domestic as well as global, multi-asset class portfolios.
a global leader in risk management technology for investment professionals, today announced the availability of Barra Credit(TM), a new Web-based product that allows credit analysts and portfolio managers to identify potential default risk earlier and more accurately.