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Get just above bargain basement prices and great versions - like this - emerge.
He said: "Once again, we have reports coming in of State property being sold off at what appears to be bargain basement prices.
With bargain basement prices on some of the industry's biggest names in software, BSO looks to corner the office software market for new hardware.
Years of pussyfooting by politicians have reduced sale values to bargain basement prices.
This would have benefited the whole population not just a handful of Margaret Thatcher's crony billionaire American friends, who got it at bargain basement prices in return for their so-called know-how.
We don't want our prize assets to be flogged at bargain basement prices just to cover up George Osborne's mess.
These properties have stylish beds at bargain basement prices.
The information was seized upon by savvy shoppers, who devised a way to get their shopping for bargain basement prices by buying cheap goods at Asda, then claiming the double refund in vouchers from Tesco.
Tesco is trialling a service on eBay offering shoppers non-food items at bargain basement prices.
4&5 Don't miss our Top 10 guide to great winter sun hols at bargain basement prices 6&7 See how 3 generations had a whale of a time on a cruise to Iceland and Norway 8&9 Grab your stetson and your six-shooter for a tour of John Wayne's Wild West 11 You don't HAVE to go to Lapland to see Santa.
The discount fashion chain has earned a loyal following since it first opened in the UK in 1974 with a combination of bargain basement prices and a speedy turnover of fashion-led stock.
Canny customers are making the most of the bargain basement prices, with some demanding as much as a quarter off the original sales figure.