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In addition, public schools and universities benefit from bar code's ability to track student attendance and spending via bar code scanners.
The company's commercial image capture product, the Flic Laser Bar Code Scanner, works out of the box with Microsoft products and technology, and is an ideal solution for development partners and purchasing sectors as they target price sensitive applications that can benefit from the Flic Scanner integrated to a wide range of Microsoft enabled mobile devices.
In the episode, Microvision's Flic Laser Bar Code Scanner, private labeled as the IntelliScanner, is shown with Intelli Innovations's Media Collector software.
Introduced under private label from Infinite Peripherals, the Microvision Bluetooth Flic bar code scanner has the ability to integrate with a variety of data collection software applications residing on the BlackBerry platform.
An optional bar code scanner is available to catalog wines that provide a unique bar code.
Denso brand bar code scanners are no longer available in the U.
Manufacturers of bar code based scanning systems, Datalogic have many new products on display at Pakex including Hand Held, Fixed Position and Portable Bar Code Scanners.