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This time the old woman told her to go the next full moon to the mill-pond, and to spin there with a golden spinning- wheel, and then to leave the spinning-wheel on the bank.
Marija held on like grim death, and toward afternoon she got into the bank and got her money--all in big silver dollars, a handkerchief full.
My dear sir, do you expect your bank robber to let you reach for your gun in the place where he knows it's kept?
The band of warriors who lined the banks above stood looking down in silent groups and clusters, some ostentatiously equipped and decorated, others entirely naked but fantastically painted, and all variously armed.
Floating around a bend they saw ahead a high bank of water, extending across the entire river, and toward this they were being irresistibly carried.
A glance around at the far-away banks, and he knew that he was on the mighty Yukon.
Then they saw from the other bank the executioner raise both his arms slowly; a moonbeam fell upon the blade of the large sword.
Napoleon looked up and down the river, dismounted, and sat down on a log that lay on the bank.
He plunged into the forest and followed the river bank down the stream.
It will take you some twelve or fifteen minutes to drive to your bank in a growler, so if you are here with one at a quarter to ten to-morrow morning, that will exactly meet the case.
I went along up the bank with one eye out for pap and t'other one out for what the rise might fetch along.
Petrov, the bank director, had twelve thousand; Sventitsky, a company director, had seventeen thousand; Mitin, who had founded a bank, received fifty thousand.