Bank regulation

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Bank regulation

The formulation and issuance by authorized agencies of specific rules or regulations, under governing law, for the conduct and structure of banking.

Bank Regulation

The laws and bureaucratic rules governing banking. Banks have regulations at the federal, state, and sometimes local levels. Examples of bank regulations include capital requirements and limits on interest rates. Member banks of the Federal Reserve are subject to further regulations, such as the requirement to buy stock in the Federal Reserve System. Proponents of bank regulations state that they help maintain consumer confidence in banking, which in turn helps keep the economy running smoothly. Critics maintain that most bank regulations create market distortions and hamper economic growth. Perhaps predictably, these two groups disagree on whether too little or too much bank regulation caused the credit crunch of the mid and late 2000s and the subsequent recession.
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Global Banking News-June 26, 2017--Fed official reiterates call to relax some banking regulations
The survey shows that both globally and nationally, regulators and policymakers should increase support for trade finance through smarter banking regulations, more transparent and comprehensive credit ratings systems, and capacity building for local banks.
In this two-hour live webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders assembled by The Knowledge Group will discuss the important Up-coming Banking Regulations and The Importance of Compliance in 2015.
Commenting on the strict banking regulations, he said that banks shouldn't exploit the clients, particularly, the poor and vulnerable sections of the society.
The chairman of HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA), Douglas Flint, has called upon the UK government to be decisive with regard to publishing banking regulations in the nation.
The CBJ had earlier granted a foreign bank licence to NBAD, to set up a subsidiary with a minimum capital of JD50 million as stipulated by Jordan's banking regulations.
The hybrid security qualifies as Tier-I capital under Taiwan's banking regulations.
The new committee will be given the authority to report the state of compliance with laws and banking regulations to the FSA as a body independent from the bank's top managers.
He covers the story of how, during Citicorp's challenges with deregulation and with poor Third World and real-estate loans, the conglomerate used credit-card networks to bypass interstate banking regulations and state usury laws, leading to profits of three to five times those of other banking activities.
It won't be easy navigating the maze of state and federal banking regulations and coming up with the requisite political contributions to key committee members in Washington and Sacramento.
banking regulations that require hefty capital reserves, and accounting and regulatory write-downs.

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