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On October 1, 1997, Northern Rock converted from a building society to a public limited company, listed on the London Stock Exchange and authorised under the Banking Act 1987.
Bank of England (1989), "Notice to Institutions Authorised Under the Banking Act 1987, Loan Transfers and Securitisation," No.
With a comprehensive list of satisfied clients, Rathbones Investment Management Limited is an authorised institution under the Banking Act 1987 and regulated by SFA, and is a leading light within the field of investment management.
First, they include only lending by institutions authorised under the Banking Act 1987.
He pled not guilty to inducing 15 named clients to deposit money with him by repeatedly and recklessly making misleading, false or deceptive promises or forecasts - contrary to the Banking Act 1987.
The fact that it was not a full bank, in terms of the Banking Act 1987, but a licensed deposit take, may have been a warning to sophisticated British bankers; but it meant little to an Asian newsagent who was likely to be reassured by its splendid buildings and its user-friendly style.
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