banker's acceptance

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Banker's acceptance

A short-term credit investment created by a nonfinancial firm and guaranteed by a bank as to payment. Acceptances are traded at discounts to face value in the secondary market. These instruments have been a popular investment for money market funds. They are commonly used in international transactions.

Banker's Acceptance

Short-term debt obligations that are secured by banks. That is, a bank promises to pay a creditor if a borrower defaults. It is also called a documented discount note.

banker's acceptance

A short-term credit instrument created by a nonfinancial firm and guaranteed by a bank as to payment. Acceptances are traded at discounts from face value in the secondary market on the basis of the credit quality of the guaranteeing banks. These instruments have become a popular investment for money market funds. Also called acceptance.
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At the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, it was presumed that Federal Reserve assets would primarily consist of short-term privately issued paper, such as bankers' acceptances, trade acceptances, and bills of exchange.
We are pleased that our Telerate affiliate has been chosen by the IDA to manage a recognized benchmark index for bankers' acceptances in Canada," added Bashar Al-Rehany, president, BRIDGE Canada.
Cash Portfolio invests in a broad spectrum of money market securities including: securities issued by financial institutions such as certificates of deposit, bankers' acceptances and time deposits; securities issued by domestic companies such as commercial paper; government securities; and repurchase agreements.
HighMark's corporate cash investment group invests in such fixed income investments as commercial paper, negotiable certificates of deposit, bankers' acceptances, medium term notes, U.
Government, its agencies or instrumentalities, bank obligations (certificates of deposit, bankers' acceptances, and time deposits), commercial paper, and repurchase agreements.
We also offer trade expertise and global products and services, such as letters of credit, bankers' acceptances and documentary collections, which can help to open markets and increase opportunities for our B&P customers who do business abroad.
NYSE: GFI), a manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products, announced that it has entered into a syndicated three-year senior secured revolving credit facility for up to $55 million of borrowings, including letters of credit and bankers' acceptances, arranged by IBJ Schroder Bank & Trust Company, as agent.
Although the company carries a large amount of foreign currency debt, most of this is in the form of bankers' acceptances and commercial paper to finance crude imports.
Thousands of small businesses could potentially take advantage of Franklin's services which will include letters of credit, bankers' acceptances, foreign exchange, export finance, documentary collections and trade finance loans.
Cash resources and securities were reduced by $900 million while loans and bankers' acceptances advanced $1.
Government, its agencies and instrumentalities, repurchase agreements collateralized by these securities, and highly rated money market instruments including commercial paper, bankers' acceptances, time deposits and negotiable CDs.
The Debentures mature on July 31, 2094 and July 31, 2030, respectively, and bear interest at a rate equivalent to the yield on 90 day bankers' acceptances plus 1.