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In cases where bankbooks are stolen, the rules would oblige banks to fully reimburse depositors if the holders of the bankbooks are not at fault.
Open a savings account and let them keep the bankbook so they can watch their money grow.
"We also recovered a list of persons and companies being extorted and the bankbooks apparently showing where the money is deposited," said Bulalacao.
That is why so many of our current coaches--now that they are making the big bucks--have started wearing their hearts on their sleeves and bankbooks. They will buy a library for their school, or a chemistry lab, or some other fabulous manifestation of their love for their school.
Never mind the staggering numbers on the bankbooks. Forget about the SALN.
Some matured funds in time deposits headed for CDs (certificate of deposits) issued with bankbooks for customers rather than certificates, which mainly contributed to a sharp decline in funds in time deposits.
The police seized about 80 items, including bankbooks, from her home.
Devotees have opened bankbooks in the names of their ivory icons.
1 merger, some of its customers were unable to use their bankbooks at some branches, the officials said.
Customers with bankbooks of the Bank of Kansai will be able to use the same bankbooks after the computer integration.
The introduction of the new account, called ''Bio Security Deposit,'' is designed to prevent stealers of other people's bankbooks, seals or cash cards from withdrawing money, the bank said.
Former DKB customers were unable to use their cash cards or bankbooks at ATMs located at former Fuji Bank branches and vice versa.