wire transfer

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Wire transfer

Electronic transfer of funds; usually involves large dollar payments.

Wire Transfer

The direct, electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another. Wire transfer is instantaneous and is a fairly common way to send funds to another party very quickly. However, wire transfers sometimes have higher fees than, say, writing checks. Outside North America, wire transfers are sometimes known as telegraph transfers.

wire transfer

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Payment via POS terminals allows taxpayers to avoid bank transfer fees when paying dues to state bodies.
Now Cup organisers will set up arrangements for tickets enabling UK fans to pay by domestic bank transfer in sterling.
Sellers simply need to have access to a bank account that accepts instant bank transfers.
Hall led the efforts to trademark Every Day is Bank Transfer Day earlier this year.
We may have underestimated the Bank Transfer Day switching lag and ensuing membership gains," said Dave Colby, chief economist at CUNA Mutual Group.
Bank Transfer Day, endorsed as a time when individuals could switch their banking from large commercial banks to more customer-friendly credit unions, was Saturday, November 5.
The rules that envisage that all property transactions in Bulgaria must be carried out via bank transfer were approved at first reading by the MPs at the end of January.
Three months after the backlash grew when Bank of America attempted to levy a monthly debit card usage fee to spawn Bank Transfer Day, the financial institution is not saying whether the nationwide effort had an impact on any account closures.
Global Banking News-November 3, 2011--Credit Unions to hold Bank Transfer Day(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Patrick Sallnert, COO of Failsafe Payments said; “Failsafe Payments next steps with CertoConnect will be to integrate different bank transfer networks such as TrustPay.
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands -- GlobalCollect merchants accepting Bank Transfer payments from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are now taking advantage of unique virtual account numbers issued for each order.
Contributed bid bond in cash to be paid by bank transfer to an account in PLN ordering.