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Bank note

A term used synonymously with paper money or currency issued by a bank. Notes are, in effect, a promise to pay the bearer on demand the amount stated on the face of the note. Today, only the Federal Reserve Banks are authorized to issue bank notes, i.e. Federal Reserve notes, in the United States.

Bank Note

A note issued by a bank and accepted as money. In a fiat money system (that is, in all modern monetary systems), a bank note is the same as cash. In general, bank notes are issued by the central bank (or by a bank authorized by the central bank to print money) and are legal tender. It is also called paper money.

bank note

Currency issued and guaranteed by a bank. The sole issuer of bank notes in the United States is the Federal Reserve Bank.

bank note

the paper CURRENCY issued by a CENTRAL BANK which forms part of a country's MONEY SUPPLY. Bank notes in the main constitute the ‘high value’ part of the money supply. See MINT, LEGAL TENDER, FIDUCIARY ISSUE, BANK OF ENGLAND.
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Under the Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of Liabilities) Act, 2017, which was passed in March 2017, it is illegal for Indian citizens to hold more than ten notes of the invalid currency after March 31, 2017.
Distribution to areas outside Metro Manila may be limited during the first day, 'but in the next few days there will be subsequent shipment of the Duterte-signed bank notes, to the regions and provinces,' Guinigundo said.
The consultation, which will take place until 10 November, is a way for Canadians to contribute in an unprecedented way to the design of future bank note series, the bank said.
Plastic bank notes lasts anywhere from two to five times longer than paper bank notes, performs better in vending machines and is harder to counterfeit," the Cagayan lawmaker said.
In June 2011, the Dubai Customs foiled a bid to smuggle Dh206,000 counterfeited bank notes at the Dubai International Airport, Terminal-1 in a an operation coded carbon dollar operation.
Al-Shatti told KUNA, on Saturday, that pumping the 20-KD bank notes into the local banks did not stop as the rumors claimed.
Essays describe the history of bank note engraving in the US and, interestingly, the relationship between bank notes and the first appearance of an engraved Audubon bird in print.
UP TO nine out of 10 American bank notes bear traces of cocaine, research has shown.
In order to commemorate its achievements in space sciences the government has given permission to the central bank to use pictures of the Omid satellite and its rocket launcher on both bank notes and coins," the Iranian Abrar newspaper said.
MOST Scots are fed-up hearing about how our bank notes are discriminated against south of the Border and abroad.
Three rare bank notes printed in Stockton nearly 200 years ago are expected to fetch up to pounds 1,000 at auction tomorrow.
VANCOUVER, BC -- The Bank of Canada has put into circulation 25 million new and exquisite $20 bank notes that feature a collage of four popular images by artist Bill Reid.