bank holding company

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Bank holding company

A company that owns or has controlling interest in two or more banks and/or other bank holding companies.

Bank Holding Company

A company that is the majority shareholder in at least one bank. A bank holding company controls the operations of the banks it owns. Bank holding companies have access to liquidity from regulators through the loans made to the banks themselves. In the United States, bank holding companies must register with the Federal Reserve and are subject to its regulation, though they may also be responsible to other regulators as well. Re-registering as a bank holding company became a favored way for investment banks and other companies to increase their liquidity in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

bank holding company

A corporation that owns the stock of one or more banks and thus exercises control over the bank or banks. See also holding company.
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The Fed has allowed bank holding companies to establish so-called section-20 securities subsidiaries for the past nine years, and there are currently 39 American and foreign banks that have done so.
We suggest that the recent reduction in risk at large bank holding companies relative to small companies may stem from the regulatory reforms of the early 1990s.
This outcome reflects that many of these companies are smaller bank holding companies that have little in the way of debt beyond the preferred issue.
While environmental issues may act as a constraint for industrywide credit improvement into the very high quality rating grades, Duff & Phelps believes a core group of bank holding companies have demonstrated over time an ability to generate high levels of earnings while maintaining a strong financial position.
In evaluating financial factors in proposals involving newly formed small bank holding companies, the Board reviews the financial condition of both the applicant and the target depository institution.
The Association of Bank Holding Companies, composed of 85 top regional bank holding companies, was founded in 1958 to formulate legislative and regulatory policy positions and act as advocate in support of progressive banking on behalf of members.
The boards of directors of bank holding companies, however, should consider whether the advisory should be applied to their other U.
5 billion at March 31, 2004, is the largest bank holding company in Tennessee and among the 30 largest bank holding companies in the United States.
The thirty-day prior-notice requirement for appointing any new directors or senior executive officers of state member banks and bank holding companies is also discussed.
The bank holding companies said they anticipate closing the transaction on July 24.
section] 1842) ("BHC Act") to become bank holding companies.
HSBC USA Inc, a New York State based bank holding company, is one of the nation's top 10 bank holding companies by assets.