Baltic Dry Index

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Baltic Dry Index (BDI)

An index that tracks the price of transporting dry bulk cargo like cement, coal, iron ore, and grain on bulk freighters. As many of these commodities are raw materials that go into production of finished goods, the BDI is often taken to be an indicator of economic growth and production. The index is maintained by the London-based Baltic Exchange.
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The Baltic Dry index, which tracks global marine freight rates on dry and bulk cargoes, continued an ascend on October 6 after the 4th consecutive session, and hit a peak value since September 17.
Rising oil prices have caused freight costs to increase sharply in recent months, although a pronounced reversal in the Baltic Dry Index has materialised this summer due in part to increased capacity, the report said.
Key Model Assumptions A comparison of the Baltic Dry Index and the Contex 2500 Index shows that world container shipment prices have demonstrated a stable upward trend YtD reflecting, we believe, growing world demand for container shipments.
The sea transport sector, hit by a decline in the commodities shipping benchmark Baltic Dry Index, and electricity and gas issues were the only major decliners.
The shipping costs have risen 150 per cent over the past 18 months, according to the Baltic Dry index, a measure of bulk dry product shipping costs, also a result of higher bunker fuel costs.
OB) a global shipping company, today comments on the recent Baltic Dry Index fluctuations and the connections between the index and shipping company performances.
Among notable gainers, shippers rebounded with support from a rise in the commodities shipping benchmark Baltic Dry Index.
The recent rally in the Baltic Dry Index, which measures the price of moving the major raw materials by sea, provides some hope for the continent.
Probably one of the best indicators of how world trade is going is the Baltic Dry Index, which measures how much it costs to charter ships that carry non-oil raw materials.
Shippers advanced on a rise in the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of shipping rates for commodities.
com wrote: "Some of the price action is related to the ebbs and flows of the Baltic Dry Index, which measures prices charged for shipping commodities.

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