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A uniform ballot design that results in lower turnout for some offices seems a pyrrhic victory.
We need improvements in ballot design, in the interface between the voter and the machine, and in error rates.
Though strong national standards go against the grain of the traditional emphasis on local and state control of election procedures, recent problems with voting equipment, ballot design, unequal resources for polling places, and arbitrary enforcement of state and local rules argue for a set of nation al standards to guarantee the contemporary democratic principle of one person, one vote.
Problems in Florida included punch-card voting systems that left "hanging chads" (the little holes not punched clear through), confusing ballot design, out-of-date registration lists, physical barriers at polling places, voter intimidation, and the fact that some voters were turned away at the polls without valid explanations.
Analysis showed, however, that blacks were much more likely to have their ballots set aside than whites even after controlling for ballot design, voting technology, education, income, poverty, literacy and first-time voting--a finding that independent analysis likewise confirmed.
Ballot design and production--design and printing and/or Internet production of ballot packages, including candidate biographies.
Palm Beach County, where a ballot design first prompted Florida's election dispute, finally began its recount with the blessing of the state's highest court.
In addition to its robust election technology products, Sequoia also supplies customized training solutions, ballot design, printing services and complete implementation and support programs to its customers.
Election Assistance Commission provides polling place and ballot design guidelines and templates for use at the state and local levels.
In the presidential primary election in February, nearly 50,000 votes were initially not counted because of the confusing ballot design.
Ballot design for each type of machine is vitally important in making sure that voters properly cast their votes.