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The conventional approach to the balance of payments assesses the current account as a function of comparative macroeconomic conditions and exchange rates, and then considers the financial account as a consequent balancing item.
The balancing item category represents the difference between the sum of the components of natural gas supply and the sum of the components of natural gas disposition.
Emerging markets remain a very good balancing item of where growth is coming from," Anderson added
9 per cent of its enlarged self plus a pounds 15 million balancing item.
This is illustrated in Chart 3 which shows the net financial surplus and the balancing item for industrial and commerical companies.
Seen as a potential balancing item, that is exactly what the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is apparently turning out to be.
Translation: cohesion policy cannot be the balancing item (the criticism levelled by the 15 against the Cypriot proposals).
Net worth, which is the balancing item for the Balance Sheet, is defined as the value of all the nonfinancial and financial assets owned by an institutional unit or sector less the value of all its outstanding liabilities, Although this definition places emphasis on assets and liabilities and the Changes in Balance Sheet Account draws further attention to the accumulation accounts by recapitulating the "changes in net worth due to .
Three main arguments have been advanced to suggest why the basic balance and other measures of imbalance derived from the capital account may not be an appropriate policy concern; the uncertainty generated by the existence of the sizeable sectoral balancing item, the increased liquidity of international investments and the importance of speculative elements in determining the reported capital flows.
It could serve as a balancing item in very tough negotiations, in a context in which several states want to impose austerity on the EU budget, as is already the case with national budgets (Cyprus proposes 7.
The intergroup members also called on the EU to devote enough financial resources to young people, and not make them the balancing item of the EU budget.

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