Balanced fund

Balanced fund

An investment company that invests in stocks and bonds. The same as a balanced mutual fund.
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Balanced Mutual Fund

A mutual fund with a portfolio mixing stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents in different types of securities in a more-or-less fixed ratio. Balanced mutual funds are used for long-term investing. They also seek to diversify one's portfolio and avoid volatility in any one market. It is an example of an asset allocation fund.
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balanced fund

An investment company that spreads its investments among stocks and bonds. Essentially, a balanced fund is a middle-of-the-road fund made up of investments that will achieve both moderate income and moderate capital growth.
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Balanced fund.

Balanced funds are mutual funds that invest in a portfolio of common stocks, preferred stocks, and bonds to meet their investment goal of seeking a strong return while moderating risk.

Balanced funds generally produce more income than stock funds, though their total return may be less than stock fund returns in a strong stock market.

In a flat or falling stock market, however, disappointing returns on equity investments may be offset by a stronger performance from a balanced fund's fixed-income investments.

Balanced funds are sometimes described as a type of asset allocation fund, which provides the opportunity to spread your money among asset classes with one investment.

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A close-ended balanced fund of funds, SPE invests in close-ended funds investing in public equity and fixed income markets.
According to the state-run pension fund, it opened for bidding the hiring of nine local fund managers to manage its P9-billion fund, which was divided equally under three types of mandates: Balanced Fund Mandate, Pure Equity Fund Mandate and Pure Fixed Income Mandate.
SSS president and chief executive officer Aurora Ignacio said the pension fund allocated the total equally to three balanced fund mandates, three pure equity fund mandates and one pure fixed income fund mandate.
dominated the three-year and five-year returns balanced fund category-foreign currency-denominated.
dominated the 3-Year and 5-Year Returns the Balanced Fund Category - Foreign Currency Denominated.
A controlling interest in the Uzbek leasing company Alliance Leasing has been acquired by the UK-based hedge fund Sturgeon Central Asia Balanced Fund Ltd., the press service of the Toshkent Republican Stock Exchange, where the deal took place, told Trend.
The funds are: Vanguard Global Balanced Fund, Vanguard Global Dividend Fund, Vanguard US Value Windsor Fund and Vanguard International Growth Fund.
Al Hilal Bank has announced the dividend payout of its Al-Hilal Global Balanced Fund.
I just started mutual fund investments with a lumpsum amount of Rs 25,000 in HDFC Balanced Fund. I want your advice for other mutual fund schemes for one time investment of up to Rs 10 lakh.
has obtained the requisite unitholder approval at a special meeting of unitholders and has also obtained the requisite regulatory approval to merge the Excel Blue Chip Equity Fund into the Excel Emerging Markets Balanced Fund (formerly, Excel EM Blue Chip Balanced Fund), an open-end mutual fund managed by the manager, the company said.
Once the GOT is determined, then it's a matter of finding the correct balanced fund to invest in.

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