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Senate, Ive called for Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment, and I cosponsored a bill to do just that because the federal government needs to gets its fiscal house in order.
org/) Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) Task Force which has been in the works for decades, not anything new.
ALEC has dedicated significant resources to passing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA), peddling amendments, handbooks, and more to "educate" ALEC legislators.
His platform includes support for a balanced budget amendment.
They want to pass a federal balanced budget amendment.
After a fierce and drawn-out battle in the Oklahoma state legislature last spring, legislators rejected an application for an Article V convention for proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA), as well as an application for an Article V convention to impose other restraints on the federal government.
Reform Washington by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment and imposing term limits on Members of Congress.
The Senate voted in 2011 for a bill that would have endorsed the balanced budget amendment.
In the 1980s, some organizations called for using the process to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.
Sadly, the Balanced Budget Amendment failed to pass in the U.
However, an ineffective or ill-written balanced budget amendment would be worse than none at all.
One potential inclusion into the bill that I am elated did not make it in is the balanced budget amendment.