Bag Man

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Bag Man

Informal; pejorative.

1. A person who collects funds on behalf of a political candidate or organization. Campaign finance laws limit the amount of funds a bag man may collect from one person or interest group.

2. A person who collects funds on behalf of a family or other unit of organized crime in exchange for protection. The bag man may also pay bribes to government officials.

3. An IRS agent.
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The Post's front page on April 18, 2013 -- three days after the bombing -- had a photograph of the two young Moroccan immigrants, one a high school student, standing near the finish line with the headline ''Bag Men'' and sub-headline ''Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.''
However, critics, including ( this reporter , countered that the Post's editorial team had no justification for identifying the pair as "Bag Men," particularly given the headline's implication.
The "bag men", as they are known, play a vital part in the process of turning dirty money legitimate by laundering the gangsters' profits.
As one of the GOP's chief bag men, he was not amused.
Putative ringleader Ben (Glenn Plummer), mellow driver Marty (Ernie Reyes) and high-strung palooka Jesus (co-scripter Patrick Cupo) are the bag men on an illegal transaction for an unseen gangster known as the Dutchman.
On Tuesday, the Washington Post's Erik Wemple ( reported that El Houssein Barhoum, the father of one of the teenage boys depicted on the New York Post's infamous "Bag Men" cover, is considering suing the perennially tasteless tabloid.
But the current European bag men are also ready to play their vocal part in winning back the Ryder Cup.
BAG MEN: Bond star Daniel Craig, left, and footballer David Beckham are both dedicated bag fans; LABEL: Pharrell Williams; PROUD OF HIS BAG: Matt Kirk loves his leather satchel; IN THE BAG: Matt carries everything from gel to wipes; PICTURE: ALAN SIMPSON
But he's coming in for plenty of earache off the course too because THREE of the four Scots bag men are Celtic fans who are loving it that Monty's idols Rangers are toiling.
Rich Americans are hiring the young beauties to caddie for them on courses around St Andrews at the expense of experienced bag men.
With air fares costing around pounds 825 and caddies' fees set at pounds 835, a handful of bag men who are taking their wives - including Colin Montgomerie's Alastair McLean - will be basically working for nothing.
Trainer Paul Cole had the son of 1985 Derby hero Slip Anchor looking a picture at Newmarket last month when he saved the bag men by beating hot-pot Singspiel at 20-1.