Bag Man

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Bag Man

Informal; pejorative.

1. A person who collects funds on behalf of a political candidate or organization. Campaign finance laws limit the amount of funds a bag man may collect from one person or interest group.

2. A person who collects funds on behalf of a family or other unit of organized crime in exchange for protection. The bag man may also pay bribes to government officials.

3. An IRS agent.
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Teamship is a bond that you have and it's vital you are trustworthy to everybody and to me the bag man is as important within a team as the chief executive, to the head coach, the goal-kickers and everybody.
It is amazing to think that this once formidable fighting force of men and women, one which by now was supposed to have been pounding the streets in order to secure a fourth term for the Labour Party, now finds itself so demoralised that they have to be coerced into worshipping Gordon Brown by his bag man.
EUROPEAN Tour caddy Steve Brotherhood showed he's more than just a bag man when carrying off the Kenilworth Classic title.
It is the first time in his four years on the European Tour that Rock has gone the whole hog and decided to have his own bag man - he previously called upon the occasional services of his friend Adam McCandless or hired a course caddie.
When Mack is a teen, he is able to see things that others don't and follows Puck (known as the Bag Man in our world) into the realm of the Fairies.
And then there's the bottom-feeding administration bag man, Al "No Controlling Legal Authority" Gore, who never missed a chance to finger his capo as "da greatest I eva' seen.
The employees describe this scandal, which is currently under federal investigation, as only one part of a campaign which has "systematically dismantled [the state's] enforcement program to the direct detriment of public health" One of the many examples they provide: A chemical manufacturer whose executives were also Rowland campaign contributors caused a toxic spill which killed 12,000 fish, but paid no fine, thanks to a back room deal with the governor's bag man.
A new mob boss just recruits a new bag man - Azuma's young partner - and the process continues.
Asked whether Claire had any accomplices, Abigail recalls a nightmare vision - a masked and eyeless child-stealer called the Bag Man.
Stein the bag man for the Center for Responsible Lending and its many Self Help subsidiaries, was singly responsible for more bad loans than all Goldman employees together.
A rare airing for a former cult favourite Wings and another blast from the past Carry Bag Man, while the finale was fabulous - a nu-rave Reformation that seemed to go on for hours.
Monty is now working with another Scottish caddy, Paul Casey's (left) former bag man Craig Connelly, who has breathed new life into his game.