bad delivery

Bad delivery

Antithesis of good delivery.

Bad Delivery

Describing a stock that cannot be transferred, especially because of improperly filed paperwork or another fairly innocuous reason. In other words, the delivery of such a stock is only stopped by legal and/or regulatory rules. See also: Good delivery, Dirty stock.

bad delivery

The delivery of a security that fails to meet all the standards required to transfer title to the buyer. Compare good delivery.
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Stopping boundaries, blocking singles and doubles and compensating a bad delivery by the bowler with fielding brilliance is must if we need to beat top sides,' he added.
It was a rank bad delivery from Pragyan Ojha and Unmukt failed in his bid to play a proper pull-shot as Mike Hussey made no mistake at deep mid-wicket boundary.
Misbah (73, 84b, 4x4, 2x6) was severe on any bad delivery, while finding a six every now and then, while Akmal took his time to get settled before exploding with great effect.
We were also under tremendous pressure but trying to bowl better after a bad delivery is the only way out.
With so much competition, you can't afford to give your customers a bad delivery experience--you need a reliable partner.
In front of a disappointingly thin crowd at Kingsmead, the venue where India suffered one of their worst-ever Test defeats in 1996, their bowlers rarely bowled a bad delivery on the fourth morning, to put their side in sight of victory.
Currently Accurate 40% Dupes 10% Bad Delivery Addresses 25% Data Entry Errors 25% Name, Address, Phone, Email Note: Table made from pie chart.
Queue some high octane but never thrilling car chases, a lot of starting and stopping, fighting, bad delivery of dialogue from Valentina and an array of pigeon-englished henchmen grunting their lines.
SDLP Assemblyman Patsy McGlone said: "Goodness knows how many lives have been placed at stake by this disgustingly bad delivery of service.
Whereas, for example, in cricket bowlers can compensate for a bad delivery by following it up with a good one or tennis players can make up for an error with a succession of decent shots, one poor throw of a dart leaves a player depending on his opponent to slip up, no matter how good his next throws are.
While the far more experienced John Wood gave away a string of boundaries, Anderson produced only one bad delivery and took 4-3 from his last four overs.
Bell's footwork against the spinners was excellent, and he punished any bad delivery that came his way.