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A unit of length used in printing. An em is one-sixth of an inch. It is also called a pica.

European Monetary System

A system established in 1979 whereby most member states of the European Economic Community linked their currencies to each other in anticipation of monetary integration. The first stage of the EMS was the European currency unit, then the ERM I, and, finally, the introduction of the euro and the ERM II. The European Monetary System also called for greater extension of credit between European countries. Among the methods the EMS used included the relative synchronization of national interest rates.
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The impact of these developments on events in Bad Ems, Paris, and Berlin is depicted in clear and objective language.
They'll join German guests from Droitwich's twin Spa town, Bad Ems, in sampling real ale, local wines, 'Three Counties' delicacies and dishes offered by their Droitwich hosts.
dreadful dullness of Bad Ems, the German spa where his wife recuperated from one of her innumerable illnesses.