bad delivery

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Bad delivery

Antithesis of good delivery.

Bad Delivery

Describing a stock that cannot be transferred, especially because of improperly filed paperwork or another fairly innocuous reason. In other words, the delivery of such a stock is only stopped by legal and/or regulatory rules. See also: Good delivery, Dirty stock.

bad delivery

The delivery of a security that fails to meet all the standards required to transfer title to the buyer. Compare good delivery.
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Worcestershire's batsmen were also gifted too many four balls, and they feasted royally on the bad deliveries.
Often good deliveries go for runs and bad deliveries fetch wickets.
Kohli, with some help from Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, left and left and left the ball alone, while taking advantage of the bad deliveries, as India, playing a Test match away from home for the first time in nearly two years, finished day one on a the-South-African-bowlers-were-made-to-sweat 255 for five, with Rahane (43, 105b, 7x) and MS Dhoni (17, 46b, 3x4) at the crease.
I didn't bowl that well but picked up two wickets, which outweighs a few bad deliveries.
Waking up in such a dominant position, they were content to wait for the bad deliveries.
Skipper James Noble picked off any bad deliveries, however, to finish with 42 including four fours and three sixes, after Toby Booth had added 31 (one four and three sixes), and it was left to Adam France and keeper Richard Holmes to see their side home with just enough to spare.
There were too many bad deliveries and easy runs, with Liam Plunkett, Matthew Hoggard, Harmison and Monty Panesar all guilty.
The Depository System will facilitate elimination of the risks associated with bad deliveries and loss of scrips in transit as well as a reduction in administrative costs associated with the transfer of shares.
Like all bowlers, he sends down bad deliveries and you have to cash in.
But I knew we could still do it - provided others hung around - and in the end it was a case of waiting for the bad deliveries and putting them away.
Kumble's a real handful to face because he's so accurate, bowls at a decent pace and gives you very few bad deliveries.
Captain Kaye and Wolfenden adopted the same sensible batting philosophy as the Huddersfield openers, defending their wickets and punishing the bad deliveries.