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Therefore, a thorough and meaningful background investigation is a critical first step in the insider threat process.
Background investigations of students are vital to ensure patient safety and limit liability.
As part of the government's effort to notify individuals affected by the theft of background investigation records, the OPM and Department of Defense analyzed impacted data to verify its quality and completeness.
The background investigations that were dumped spanned most government agencies.
Recommendation: To ensure that appropriate privacy protections are in place during all stages of a background investigation, the Director of the OPM should develop guidance for privacy impact assessments that directs agency officials to perform an analysis of privacy risks and identify mitigating techniques for all FIS systems that access, use, or maintain PII.
Indeed, it often took six to nine months to complete a background investigation. Such delays often resulted in new hires seeking employment elsewhere and daily complaints from Department senior management.
When she applied for a federal position in a very prestigious organization, she was informed that as a condition of employment she would be required to submit to drug testing, a background investigation, personal interviews, and lie detector tests.
Information Architects' core business, through its product Perceptre, is the licensing to governmental, business-to-business, business-to-consumer and commercial sector customers of its on-line, pre-employment screening, background investigation software ordering system.
The successful candidate may be subject to a background investigation, including a criminal background investigation.
When the FBI is asked to do a background investigation of the first African American woman nominee for the Supreme Court, Puller Monk, the agent in charge, and his assistant unearth an unaccounted three-week period in her life in 1972.
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