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Back up

(1) When bond yields rise and prices fall, the market is said to back up. (2) An investor who swaps out of one security into another of shorter current maturity is said to back up.

Back Up

1. To sell a bond or other debt security with a longer maturity and buy another with a shorter maturity. One may do this when short-term interest rates are higher than long-term interest rates, for example.

2. A change in a short-term trend. For example, if a bearish trend becomes bullish or vice versa, one may say the market has backed up.

back up

To swap a debt security with one maturity for another security with a shorter maturity.
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The new APC Back-UPS Pro UPSs are backed by APC's "Best-in-Class" Longest Runtime Guarantee, which assures customers that APC's UPS runtime will meet or exceed that of any same VA UPS for desktop applications or the customer's money will be refunded.
The Back-UPS RS was designed in a compact, tower form factor and offers versatile mounting for either floor standing or as a (2U) shelf mount conveniently under the monitor on the desktop.
In addition to maintaining network connection during power outages, the APC Back-UPS BGE70 protects devices from potential damage during outages and other power-related events such as voltage spikes, a reduction in input voltage, noise or unstable frequencies.
In Russia, both PC Magazine and Hard & Soft named APC's Back-UPS 525 an "Editor's Choice" and ComputerPress named APC's Back-UPS RS 800 the "Best Line Interactive UPS.
The area's developer, Lennar Communities, has agreed to bring in two officers to manually direct traffic at the two intersections during peak morning and afternoon traffic hours to prevent back-ups and bottlenecks.
SILM is an effective economical utility for us to simplify our back-ups.
The Back-UPS HS 500 provides availability to critical home networking equipment by protecting data lines.
Used as a back-up solution, scheduled back-ups of critical files are easy using Nero's BackItUp 2 application.
In Brazil, APC's Back-UPS RS 1500 received an "Editor's Recommended" stamp from Forum PCs and Revista PCs magazines.
Business continuity is ensured through remote management including automatic software upgrades and security releases, encrypted, off-site data back-ups and proactive hardware monitoring.
May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- American Power Conversion (APC) today announced an expansion of its award-winning Back-UPS(R) family of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with the introduction of the Back-UPS RS 1000VA and 1500VA units.
This includes information security policies, computer infrastructures, remote access for mobile users, authentication controls, information encryption and storage, back-ups, personnel and physical security.