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We define service level as the proportion of time that no back orders exist; that is, the ratio of the time with no back orders to the total time.
Buyer assistants review electronic purchase order acknowledgements to identify order exceptions such as back orders and other issues requiring further action.
Understanding how they work requires a detailed description of how customers decide to order and back order.
Requests for dexamethasone went on back order in mid-April, and "we are down to five vials [of betamethasone] and no known replenishment coming from back orders," said Dr.
The company announced that ProQuad (measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella virus vaccine live) will be unavailable for ordering through the rest of 2007, although existing back orders were filled through August.
Back orders will occur, but having a back order for a low-cost item is disconcerting.
On top of this, there are a lot of enthusiastic people out there who want back orders of magazines and newspapers for loads of other interesting reasons.
As well as real time sales and stock levels, clients can access data on stock movement history, failed order details and back order status, as well as sales order revenue including fulfilment and shipping costs.
He expects the relationship to triple his sales, and the fact that his bikes were on back order before SCS even had them in stock lends support to these expectations.
When you have a major back order, especially at the height of your season, it leaves you with a very difficult situation.
In fact, he claims, demand has been so strong that the product's on back order.
With a considerable back order of 3,375 airplanes, Boeing registered 263 gross and 142 net commercial orders for 2009 as air travel and freight declined and carriers worldwide experienced severe economic challenges.