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The heart of this rifle is the action, and the BLR Black Label Takedown has an elegantly designed rack-and-pinion lever system that flicks the bolt back and forth with authority.
BLR has also been growing its online offerings through portals such as HR.
Recently I had a chance to take a new BLR afield--a Lightweight '81 in takedown version.
BLR, 141 Mill Rock Road East, Box 6001, Old Saybrook, CT 06475, 860-510-0100, fax 860-510-7220, www.
The current economic turmoil appears to have claimed yet another victim--pay increases planned for 2009," said BLR CEO Bob Brady.
Anyway, the new Browning BLR does not use that method for take down.
358 BLR was and resolved to get my hands on one someday.
Managing Editor, Human Resources and Compensation, BLR.
I first started reading rumors of the new BLR in the late '60s, but production didn't really get into gear until around 1971 or '72.
308 BLR would be an excellent choice for that type of hunting, to pigeon-hole it into that category would be unnecessarily restrictive--and unfair.
The structure of the 2008 MSGP differs greatly from the 2000 MSGP, providing greater distinction between effluent limitations and the requirements of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan," said Amanda Czepiel, JD, Legal Editor for Environmental Compliance at BLR.
Moreton, JD, Managing Editor for HR and Compensation at BLR.