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Investors may want to take advantage of the "compelling opportunity," as shares of BJs trade at just 17 times on a NTM P/E basis, according to UBS.
BJs reported a solid second quarter, as underlying comps look to have stabilized and a path to 2% in the back half of the year is reasonable, Gutman said in a Thursday note.
Concurrent with developing self-report survey methodologies, BJS will conduct an annual administrative records collection.
The 2004 administrative collection will provide BJS with an understanding of what facility administrators know, what information is recorded, how allegations and confirmed incidents are handled, what disciplinary or administrative and legal sanctions are imposed on perpetrators, and what treatment is provided to victims of sexual assault.
BJS estimates that about 63 percent of all crimes went unreported.
The BJS Web page address is:
Copies of Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2001 may be obtained by calling the BJS Clearinghouse at 800-732-3277 or by accessing the BJS Web site at
The BJS Web site has a wealth of information, including crime data abstracts, homicide trends, drugs and crime facts, and juvenile violence information.
Periodically, BJS will publish Guide to the BJS Website to notify agencies of updates and additions to its electronic collection.
Presale Firearm Checks, NCJ 162787, can be obtained by calling the Bureau of Justice Statistics at 202-633-3047 or by accessing "What's new at BJS" on the BJS home page at