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Throughout the recapitalisation process, Bis continued to provide consistent, reliable service that we have delivered to customers since 1915.
3 Halothane anesthesia reflects higher BIS than sevoflurane in breast surgery, therefore halothane inhalation based on only BIS has a possibility of overdose.
After anesthetized patients reached LOC with gradually increased Ce of propofol, there was a significant decrease in BIS ( t = 20.
2004) studied correlation between BIS values and clinical assessment of sedation in brain-injured patients finding statistically significant correlation between BIS values, clinical sedation assessment, and level of consciousness.
The BWPA filed a writ petition before a single judge in September 2009 seeking directions for the BIS to take action against illegal units.
The total number of exacerbations in patients with asthma decreased from 56 before the transition to BIS to 13 during BIS treatment (mean decrease, 3.
Used with the recently released BIS Pediatric Sensor or BIS Sensor XP, the new BIS XP monitoring systems offer increased resistance to electrocautery artifact, enhanced performance in deep anesthetic states, and improved robustness to interference from noise sources, such as high-frequency motion artifact which occurs in the operating room and intensive care unit.
Those interested in presenting research papers should submit completed papers or extended abstracts to the BIS by the end of August 2001.
The council, which will comprise governors of BIS member central banks in the Asia-Pacific region, will meet at least once a year, the Basel, Switzerland-based bank said in statement.
2 trillion by 2010; and Europe sees rapid growth from $900 million to $38 billion by 2000, according to recent reports by BIS Strategic Decisions.
As the country's national standards body, the BIS has undertaken various measures to assist Indian exporters in developing and managing the quality of their goods and services, to make them increasingly competitive on the international market.
The government reports that total hidden reserves of the major banks, even discounting 55 percent of their value in accordance with BIS (Bank for International Settlements) guidelines (described in the following paragraph), are almost equal to their combined equity capital.