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BIF (1)

BIF (2)

The ISO 4217 currency code for Burundian Franc.


1. Bank Insurance Fund. A pool of money created in 1989 by the FDIC to insure deposits made by banks who are members of the Federal Reserve System. The BIF was created to separate bank insurance money from thrift insurance money (which came from the Savings Association Insurance Fund). While this was likely beneficial for a time because of the savings and loan crisis, it created a perverse incentive for banks and thrifts to reclassify themselves as the other (i.e., a bank to a thrift or a thrift to a bank), depending on which fund had lower fees. This led to the passage of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act of 2005, which abolished the Savings Association Insurance Fund and the BIF and created a single Deposit Insurance Fund.

2. ISO 4217 code for the Burundian franc. It was introduced in 1964, replacing the Rwanda and Burundi franc. There are currently plans to replace the franc with the East African shilling, a common currency structured along the lines of the euro, by the end of 2009.
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21-27, Salam explained that BIF aims to organize music festivities, but also cultural, art, technology and sports events.
In April of 2014, during the state legislative session, the BIF announced its opposition to efforts that would have limited small brewer retail privileges in a manner BIF viewed as overly restrictive.
Exploration work at the project has confirmed the presence of BIF at
In contrast to the BIF, the IAP formally and openly solicits proposals from companies.
Congratulating Mir Hazar Khan Khoso on taking the Charge as Prime Minister, the Chairman, BIF Abdul Wadood has thanked the election commission for the selection and appointment of the extremely honest and spotless Prime Minister.
The holes were drilled a -60 DEG angle with an easterly, north easterly or northerly azimuth to intersect the BIF at a perpendicular angle depending on the orientation of the BIF.
BIF bags are used in fume treatment in cement and aluminium industries, steel plants, asphalt plants and other allied industries were dust collection as product recovery or nuisance venting is the primary objective.
The three BIF members that failed in 2004 were small institutions with total assets of $151 million; the sole SAIF member that failed had only $15 million.
Instead, the BIF and the SAIF attempt to maintain a ratio of fund reserves to insured deposits of 125 basis points, a target established by the FIRREA.
The new law calls for the merger of the two insurance funds only after the BIF and SAIF charters are combined.
A prerequisite to the merger of BIF and SAIF is to put SAIF on a sound basis.
This article focuses on the more narrow issue of whether Federal Reserve lending to troubled banks in recent years raised the losses of BIF.