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BIF (1)

BIF (2)

The ISO 4217 currency code for Burundian Franc.


1. Bank Insurance Fund. A pool of money created in 1989 by the FDIC to insure deposits made by banks who are members of the Federal Reserve System. The BIF was created to separate bank insurance money from thrift insurance money (which came from the Savings Association Insurance Fund). While this was likely beneficial for a time because of the savings and loan crisis, it created a perverse incentive for banks and thrifts to reclassify themselves as the other (i.e., a bank to a thrift or a thrift to a bank), depending on which fund had lower fees. This led to the passage of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act of 2005, which abolished the Savings Association Insurance Fund and the BIF and created a single Deposit Insurance Fund.

2. ISO 4217 code for the Burundian franc. It was introduced in 1964, replacing the Rwanda and Burundi franc. There are currently plans to replace the franc with the East African shilling, a common currency structured along the lines of the euro, by the end of 2009.
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Ezzat Kreytem, secretary-general of the BIF Association, said the idea behind the event emerged almost a year ago when a group of Beirutis thought it was high time Lebanon's capital hosted its own festival.
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Between the East and West Domains at Telecom Hill lies an area which is mapped as BIF but has not been tested with drilling.
the company is planning a 50 line-kilometre gravity survey to assist in drill targeting and to define the extent and continuity of the BIF horizon around a 7km-long regional dome structure on which the Jubuk deposit is interpreted to be situated.
From the end of 2004 to the end of 2005, the number fell from 69 to 44 for the BIF and from 11 to 8 for the SAIF; the total assets of problem institutions plunged from $28.
Instead, the BIF and the SAIF attempt to maintain a ratio of fund reserves to insured deposits of 125 basis points, a target established by the FIRREA.
Dearborn Tec ran well enough on his comeback run at Gowran Park to take the BIF Handicap Chase over Jimmy Dan.
Beginning January 1, 1997, banks insured by the BIF will pay $322 million annually and SAIF-insured institutions will pay $458 million annually toward FICO interest.
Competitive depository institutions cannot differentiate themselves by the quality of the deposit insurance that is offered because it is the same insurance regardless of whether it is from BIF or SAIF.
This article focuses on the more narrow issue of whether Federal Reserve lending to troubled banks in recent years raised the losses of BIF.
695 per share, in connection with the reorganisation of the fund, First Opportunity Fund Inc and Boulder Total Return Fund Inc, into Boulder Growth & Income Fund Inc (BIF), with BIF continuing as the surviving entity.