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Although the coefficients on the smoking ban dummy variables are statistically insignificant, those for the probabilities of encountering a bar ban are significant at the 5-percent or 1-percent level.
9) California is an excellent candidate for empirical analysis because it has been a pioneer in the establishment of comprehensive private place smoking bans and because its pattern of passage of smoking bans provides econometrically useful variation in ban coverage and jurisdiction.
Matthew Bolton (23) warehouseman from Dudley Close, Rowley Regis, 21 months jail and seven year ban.
One analysis showed that the workers had, on average, fewer white blood cells in their bloodstreams 2 months after the ban took effect than they did before--a sign of reduced inflammation.
Yet shortly after Michigan's ban passed, Governor Jennifer Granholm pulled domestic partnership benefits from contracts being negotiated for state workers.
BAN has produced a document it calls the "Electronic Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship," which can be signed by companies that promise not to send e-wastes to landfills, incinerators, or developing countries.
The ban, he says, "has put this whole issue right back on the front burner of the American conscience.
Second, this will promote C&D recycling in a state that has a solid infrastructure to make sure this ban works.
Bernard Michna, a Wilmette trustee (the town's equivalent of a city councilman), cites the bullet holes and the stray round to bolster his support for the handgun ban and the fine imposed on DeMar.
No wonder Peter Eisenman purportedly considered Ban a strange or perplexing student at New York's Cooper Union.
SEUL (CyHAN)- It was an official trip to the Republic of Korea for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, but on Sunday he had a chance to revisit some childhood memories.