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B1 visa is issued for business visits while the B2 visa is for pleasure, tourism, and medical visits.
The Department of State has issued guidance on what the limited activities are allowed for the B1 visa holders.
Athletes or members of a sports team may enter on a B1 visa to compete with another US sports teams.
B1 visa, issued in 2006, in Ma's passport, saying, ''Such visas are not issued to those holding U.S.
The preparedness of overseas imports to immediately contribute, the affordability of signing these players, and usefulness of international players in lightening the color of the league all contribute to this trend of siphoning off the world's best talent-"B1 visa" style.
A probe by the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department concluded that Infosys used easy to get B1 visas, which are meant for short business visits, to bring an unknown number of its workers to the United States for long-term stays, the people were quoted as saying.
US authorities have been investigating Infosys since 2011, for allegedly using visitor visas or B1 visas, instead of mandated H1B visas, to send an unknown number of its employees for long-term business visits to the US.
While the government insisted that all requests for such B1 visas be approved by the Ministry of Interior, an NGO noted that some trafficking victims assisted in shelters during the reporting period--including those who entered via the Sinai--were not granted those visas.