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a DJ Silence) about British hip-hop's revitalised role on the world stage, the valuable part contemporary hip-hop continues to play in the cultural life of Europe's youngest city and how events like B-Side are helping to challenge perceptions of a movement with cultural dialogue, experimentation and creative collaboration at its heart.
e aim of B-side is to show that the region boasts a rich and diverse musical heritage with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ELO, UB40 and Ocean Colour Scene.
The B-side of this single was titled 'Sometime They Say'.
Once the B-side computer is fully up and running, limited science operations should resume.
Not even the photographer knew the slant of the USA Today story, Tesmer said, but he shot photos at the B-Side and promised to notify Tesmer when the images will appear in the national publication.
The A-side is normal, safety, a fairly low-risk life, but bonded always to the B-side waiting to happen.
Symbolically, and perhaps idealistically, the B-side offered a metaphor for musicians, a place of possibility.
WESTLIFE are to record a special tribute to the late father of member Nicky Byrne on the B-side of their next single.
77Klash's B-side, "Caroline," has shards too, but they're less daggering, more disco.