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The tech firm brought them to its Silicon Valley facility from July 21, 2012 to July 20, 2015 with B-1 visas, which are used to bring foreign workers for training or conferences.
Infosys had denied any claims of systemic visa fraud misuse of visas for competitive advantage or immigration abuse and said the use of B-1 visas or short-term visas was for legitimate business purposes.
As of October 2013 H1B visas cost up to $4300 each while B-1 visas cost $200.
B-1 visas, on the other hand, which are meant for short business trips, are not restricted and cost a fraction of that amount.
Infosys is engaged in discussions with the US Attorney's office and other government departments regarding a civil resolution of the government's investigation into the company's compliance" with temporary visas for tech workers known as B-1 visas, Infosys said in an addendum to its quarterly report.
for business, whether it was on B-1 visas or through the VWP, remained
Diplomats, officials of international agencies like the United Nations or International Monetary Fund, and foreign nationals can import domestic help on A-3, G-5 and B-1 visas.