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"We cannot have someone running around in our community with an axe, especially where children play."
If one does not have an axe especially a family man, is branded unfit or unman enough to cut thorny bush trees to patch the kraal where gaping holes have been left by cattle.
"As he attempted to prevent them taking it, the shopkeeper was struck with the axe, causing minor injuries.
Patrons throwing axes at bottles of spirits, consuming shots from the bottle that was not struck, and a message displayed on the video stating: Who said dont mix alcohol with axe throwing?
Kick Axe also will work toward safety by giving customers coaching before their hourly throwing session and showing videos on using safe ax-throwing technique.
The story goes that Sam delivered some steel to a local blacksmith and began to talk to a customer who was waiting for the smith to finish hammering an axe head for him.
A similar axe type to the socketed axe was the tenon axe, which was spread along the coastal areas of Finland, in Estonia, Latvia, and northern Lithuania in the 1st century BC and 1st century AD (Moora 1938, 508; Lang 2007, 141).
Playing to the sport's origins at Canadian logging competitions, Kick Axe's decor is reminiscent of a ski lodge, complete with flannel chairs and calfskin carpeting.
Whistle Punks is looking to take the Urban Axe Throwing League worldwide and has plans to launch a European League in the near future.
It's certainly an axe-cellent stress buster, especially for those with an axe to grind.
He denied taking an axe to the New Year party, expecting to see Mr Denton or intending to attack him.
The new Axe Kilo with Paul Rodriguez collection is inspired by P-Rod's heritage and was illustrated by artist Mister Cartoon.