away from the market

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Away from the market

In context of general equities, out of line with the inside market at this time, such as when a bid on a limit order is lower or the offer price is higher than the current market price for the security; held by the specialist for later execution unless FOK. Antithesis of in-line.

Away from the Market

Describing a quote that is either higher (for an ask) or lower (for a bid) than a security's current price. That is, an away from the market quote, if taken, would move the security's price in one direction or the other. If it is not taken it can lead to a wider bid-ask spread.

away from the market

Used to refer to a security order at a price not immediately available. A limit order to buy 100 shares of Intel at $37 is away from the market if Intel stock is currently trading at $41 per share.
References in classic literature ?
Tulliver lingered nowhere away from home; he hurried away from market, he refused all invitations to stay and chat, as in old times, in the houses where he called on business.
Management must show the ability to move away from market share -- and balance sheet -- growth at any cost, toward a more rational method of developing and delivering the bank's services.
However, the beetle outbreak cannot obscure the government's continuing policy to take timber pricing in the province even further away from market timber pricing, in direct violation of the terms of the U.
We realise where out-of-town centres drew people away from their local centres, there's a risk that the regional capitals are now luring them away from market towns.
But the most financially promising products are much further away from market.
Focus is moving away from market data content and towards market data infrastructure.
The brand is marketing itself as the "seductive alternative" to lure younger drivers away from market leaders Volkswagen's Audi, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) and Daimler's Mercedes-Benz.
Global Banking News-March 6, 2014--Chinese currency makes gains after central bank moves away from market intervention
Summary: LONDON - Gold rose on Wednesday on demand for the metal as a safe haven investment away from market turmoil as the euro zone troubles deepened and business surveys showed the severe impact the crisis has had on manufacturing in the region.
The only thing that I'm concerned about is the pressure exerted by speculators, analysts and some investors in the futures market on prices to push them up or down away from market fundamentals," he said.
The technology is still about five years away from market and its first commercial applications will likely be in data centers and supercomputer facilities, but advances in chip manufacturing and economies of scale may someday bring it to the consumer market.
Florida's scrap tire management program also uses financial assurances to protect against delinquent operators, but the state shies away from market subsidies, preferring to offer technical assistance to possible end users.