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Is there difference in plagiarism awareness of post-graduate students in Nigerian Universities from different level of education?
The first step is to assemble a security awareness team that includes representatives from a cross-section of the organization.
In the current drive, Mobilink carried out a special awareness activity at the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad.
According to the ministry, its aim is to raise the awareness of society on autism, its causes and prognosis as well as correct misconceptions by holding lectures and seminars across the country.
A special awareness walk was also the part of the activity in which all participants stepped in; followed by distribution of awareness material at the said location among public by Ijaz Chaudhary and other representatives.
This report provides in depth study of "Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) Market" using SWOT analysis i.e.
The intention of the SANS Security Awareness Report is to provide security awareness professionals with a roadmap to make data-driven decisions on how to improve their security awareness programs.
SANS Security Awareness Report also noted that nearly 60 percent of the professionals surveyed say they are not even aware of the budget allocated to security awareness in their companies.
The growing need to create more concrete job roles and expectations within the security awareness training realm: Less than 10% of the respondents reported their job titles even included the words 'awareness' or 'training' in them, and about 60% were not even aware of the budget allocated to security awareness in their companies.
He said that ANF arranged special drug awareness motor car and bike rallies from Faisal Mosque to F-9 Park and from T-Chowk to Ayub Park, Rawalpindi.
NCSW Chairman Dr Nadeem Shafiq Malik said there was a lack of public awareness about food-related allergies in Pakistan.
Increasing awareness of the disease and treatment of the disease will pave way for developing an educated disease-free future population.

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