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However, colleges have discretion over how much loan aid, if any, to list on students' annual financial-aid award letters. Depending on the school's approach, a letter might provide a loan "offer" equal to the maximum dollar amount a student could borrow, zero, or anything in between.
The students selected to participate in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO), scheduled to be held in Botswana from Dec 2-11, would also be given award letters on the day, the official added.
Last year, the ministry advertised for the same materials and successful bidders were given award letters effectively entering into contract with the department.Successful bidders during last year's tender are now crying foul after the new advertisement published on Tuesday effectively cancelled their awards.
136 Number of unique terms for "unsubsidized student loan" within 455 award letters discussing this type of loan
Financial award letters from colleges often are so unclear or misleading that students and their families don't get an accurate picture of the full cost of schooling and just how much money they will have to ante up on their own.
ROHNERT PARK, Calif: A recent study of 515 American colleges by New America concludes that financial aid award letters sent out to recent college enrollees are confusing, vague, incomplete and even misleading.
* Financial aid expert Meghan Chrum talks to students and parents about how to understand and evaluate college financial aid award letters at 7 p.m.
Allowing students to file the FAFSA earlier and receive estimated or firm financial aid award letters up to six months earlier could cause important shifts in the timing of the traditional higher education enrollment cycle.
They describe the questions asked before developing a grant application, the proposals they submitted to sponsors and the features that made them persuasive, and award letters they received, as well as analysis of cover letters, application forms, project summaries, letters of intent, full proposals, and budgets and budget narratives of these models.
The state typically sends award letters to more people than it can fund, like an airline that oversells seats, Brew said.
A brief summary or "citation" (125 words or less), which will be used as a general description for publication and for the award letters that will be sent to winners.