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In law, a situation in which the amount of land on a property increases or decreases due to a sudden (not a gradual) action of water. For example, a flood changing the course of a river may result in avulsion. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction in which it occurs, an avulsion may or may not change property lines or even government borders.
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A sudden and perceptible loss or addition to property as a result of the action of water either taking soil from one property and leaving it on another,or by virtue of a river or other running water changing the course of its bed.The rule is that boundary lines described with reference to the midpoint of the stream will remain at the midpoint of the old stream, and not the midpoint of the new stream. This is because of the sudden nature of the change, so that people may reasonably notice and mark the location of the old stream bed as a matter of reference.

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By definition meniscal root tears are specified as a radial tear of the meniscus tissue in close proximity (1 cm) to the insertion or an avulsion of the meniscotibial ligament (root ligament) [11].
The success of this technique has been clinically described in 77 patients with tooth ankylosis after avulsion [33].
These tender areas are believed to be areas of nerve root avulsion or constriction, for some other reason than the bony neuroforaminal stenosis, as is seen in most other patients.
Arthroscopic repair of a humeral avulsion of the glenohumeral ligament lesion.
DISCUSSION: Tibial spine avulsion has been equated to midsubstance rupture of cruciate ligament by many authors as the subchondral bone fails and elongation of ligaments occur.
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The presence of sole avulsions, underrun soles, and overgrown hooves increased the chances of occurrence of heel erosions; presence of overgrown soles and white line fissures increased the chances of occurrence of underrun soles and sole ulcers, respectively.
Therefore, parents' knowledge about the emergency management (ER) of tooth avulsion is essential for better prognosis.4,13,19-21
After close review, the x-rays were re-interpreted by the specialist as abnormal at the level of the ischial tuberosity bilaterally, with evidence of chronic avulsion and tug lesions.
The difference could be attributed to a higher prevalence of certain oral habits such as object biting and thumb sucking in ASD preschool children.5 These oral habits may alter the occlusion and facial pattern of the ASD children and lead to anterior open bite and increased overjet; making all the anterior teeth more prone to TDIs.6 In this study, luxation injuries and tooth avulsions were more prevalent in the SG than the CG, a finding that underscores the need for additional investigations.
Background: Root avulsion to all 5 roots of the brachial plexus is a common presentation and keeps a major reconstructive challenge.
The authors ideally recommend the use of semi-rigid splint in cases of dental avulsions when no bone fracture is detected (2, 7, 10, 13, 15, 17, 18, 37, 39, 40, 42, 45, 46).