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The number of times a dollar is spent, or turns over, in a specific period of time. Velocity affects the amount of economic activity generated by a given money supply.

Velocity of Money

The rate at which money changes hands. For example, assume an economy with $100 and two people in it. In a given year, if Person A charges Person B $50 for a widget, and Person B charges Person A $100 for a whatsit, then $150 worth of transaction has occurred even though there are only $100 in the economy. This means that, on average, one dollar is spent one and a half times in a year, expressed as a velocity of 1.5/year. Velocity of money is useful as a measure of how strong and/or liquid an economy is, and it is usually compared with some figure such as GDP or money supply.
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In the Junior Classic race, Swallow was eighth on a 348 Petty Manx with an average speed of 92.
Some of the other records broken include 5000 kilometres from a standing start, 50 miles from a standing start - at an impressive average speed of 148.
The average speed delivered via cable broadband connections increased by 3.
He was followed by runner-up Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa (5:49:51), the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation president, with an average speed of 20km per hour.
Minister for transport, Carl Sargeant, said: "Users of this section of the motorway have become familiar with the average speed cameras as essential roadworks have been carried out on the motorway.
So why not keep the average speed cameras, indeed extend them along the Kingston Bridge?
Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership spokesperson Sarah Cossom said: "On the B6322 at Haltwhistle the bypass has taken away a lot of the traffic, there have been no collisions for three years and the average speed is now 27mph.
Notably, one week later the machine had reached a permanent average speed of 1620 meters per minute with approximately one to two sheet breaks per day.
Rainton's Tony Thirkell and Roy King finished in 16th place at an average speed of 92.
He won the April 2001 race in 49 minutes, 21 seconds with an average speed of 91.
Streaking from Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego California in 3 hours, 29 mins, 5 secs -- at an average speed of 593.
Dubbed the "Flying Cockroach' by Australian journalists, the car covered the distance in 44 hours and 54 minutes, traveling at an average speed of 41 miles per hour.

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