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The number of times a dollar is spent, or turns over, in a specific period of time. Velocity affects the amount of economic activity generated by a given money supply.

Velocity of Money

The rate at which money changes hands. For example, assume an economy with $100 and two people in it. In a given year, if Person A charges Person B $50 for a widget, and Person B charges Person A $100 for a whatsit, then $150 worth of transaction has occurred even though there are only $100 in the economy. This means that, on average, one dollar is spent one and a half times in a year, expressed as a velocity of 1.5/year. Velocity of money is useful as a measure of how strong and/or liquid an economy is, and it is usually compared with some figure such as GDP or money supply.
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It will cost around PS60,000 to install average speed cameras on a single stretch of carriageway, according to the council.
Average Speed Cameras record the registration of a car and calculate its speed by measuring the time taken to travel between set points and are seen as an effective way of reducing speed as they can cover a long stretch of road compared to other cameras.
Some people wrongly think that each camera records a driver's speed as they pass each camera before the computer works out the average speed as the car passed every camera - this explains why some drivers think they can speed up between the cameras and slow down as they pass them.
Those on part of the busy Hagley Road in Birmingham have resulted in average speeds being cut by more than 20 per cent.
The study has now concluded and we have identified four sections of the A69 between Warwick and Hexham where average speed cameras would be beneficial.
Mike Bristow of road safety charity Brake, said: "Speed limits exist for a reason: they save lives and it's great to see that we've seen a reduction in fatalities on the A465 since the introduction of average speed cameras.
The Welsh Government recently awarded funding to Denbighshire council to procure and install average speed cameras along a road in deep countryside - the A5104 from Corwen to Rhydtalog.
Khalid Yousif Al Khalaf then took the lead in the third stage with a time of 1:08:45 and an average speed of 25mph.
4mph to 24mph while in Redcar and Cleveland the average speed was 35.
MANILA -- Internet service providers (ISP) have agreed to change their advertising materials to show the average speed of their internet connection, a National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) officer said Tuesday.
In the first stage which covered a distance of 30km, Al Ruwaie on his horse Jamal from Al Zaeem Stables came first with a total time of 1h 12m 26s in an average speed of 24kph.
Muscat: Installing average speed radars on the Sultanate's roads will help catch erring drivers and reduce crashes on the roads in Oman, say road safety campaigners.

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