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Tax rate

The percentage of tax paid for different levels of income.
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Tax Rate

A percentage of one's income that one must pay in taxes. Tax rates vary according to incomes. That is, one who makes $100,000 per year usually has a higher tax rate than one who makes $25,000. See also: Marginal tax rate, Average tax rate.
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tax rate

The proportional amount of taxes paid on a given income or the given dollar value of an asset. If the tax is calculated on the basis of total income, it is the average tax rate. If the tax is calculated only on extra units of income, the rate is the marginal tax rate.
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tax rate

the percentage rate at which a TAX is levied on income or expenditure. Tax rates are varied by government on social grounds (to redistribute income) and, as part of FISCAL POLICY, to increase or decrease spending.
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tax rate

The percentage used to calculate various taxes.

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The state's CUs also edged out banks on credit cards with the average rate at 11.35% compared to 11.96% at banks.
The average rate dropped only $42 from the rate four years ago.
will slash its average rate by 18 yen and Chubu Electric Power Co.
Declines in rates were shown in art, celebrity/estates and fashion, while increases were reported in average rates for entertainment/character, non-profit, sports, trademark/brand and toys/games.
(2) The reasons that member's weighted average interest rates are less than the long-term AFR are at least twofold: many of TEI'S members are among the beat credit risks and thus enjoy the economic advantage of lower costs of funds; and, more important, the mix of interest-bearing debt is carefully managed by corporate treasury staffs to minimize the average rate. In other words, the weighted average interest rate on the mix of short-, intermediate-, and long-term indebtedness of many members is generally below the long-term AFR that has been suggested as the surrogate rate.
Worker's compensation average rates have not increased since May 2017.
The 7-day TDF's weighted average rate went up to 3.2657 percent compared to the previous week's 3.1651 percent.
For the 91day bills, the P8billion offering was auctioned at an average rate of 1.144 percent, down 10 basis points from last month's auction.
Average rates on new card offers are currently near record highs and show few signs of falling significantly any time soon.
However, consumers keen to borrow smaller amounts pay considerably more, with average rates on pounds 3,000 advances at their highest levels for six months, the research revealed.
The New York City lodging market ended 2001 with an overall occupancy of 73% and average daily rate of $192 -- far short of the remarkable numbers achieved in 2000, when city occupancies hovered well above 80% and average rates were over $220.
Since the second quarter of last year, average rates increased only 1.8% nationwide.

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